Paul Rossmann Illustration Design (PRID), is one of the oldest graphic design firms in Charleston, South Carolina. With a client base dating back to 1983, we have enjoyed recognition as a leader in the graphic design and illustration field for nearly three decades. Over the years we have worked to create innovative award winning solutions with our clients from “South of Broad” to South Africa. Whether you need a simple brochure, book design, publication design or an entire corporate identity package, we can put together a creative team based upon the needs of your project while maintaining very competitive rates.


The logo is the single most important piece of graphic design that you can have done. logos are the first impression and the the identifying mark that brands a company or product. It is what represents that company or product in signage, advertising and marketing. Over the past three decades we have worked closely with our clients on lasting and memorable logos and corporate branding.

Paul Rossmann Illustration Design, located in James Island (Charleston), South Carolina, will work with you to design an entire corporate identity, brand a product, or we do graphic design and consulting to better use or modify existing branding or logos.

A few of the companies that have benefited from our work have been: Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, Charleston County Board of Education, Preservation Society of Charleston, Charleston County Library, Gemini Architects (Chicago), Norths Shore Health & Wellness (Chicago), Standiford Field International Airport (Louisville), Hampton Regional Medical Center (Hampton), Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Home House Press, Roche Biomedical (Charlotte), and Charleston Golf Inc.